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All members who currently have a PREMIUM LISTING or DESIGNER SHOWCASE online with ASID FSC it is time to renew. Please take a moment to contact us with regards to your online ad.

Any questions or to renew immediately please contact Maureen Hays: or 352-313-6717.

The Chapter Challenge is an annual fundraising event in support of the ASID Foundation with the goal of raising a total $100,000.

The past few years have seen a dramatic change in floor covering options. The hardwood flooring industry has witnessed nearly every imaginable change, from finishes to species and wood grade popularities, to overall individual floorboard widths and lengths.

Design students gathered at the Design Center of the America’s this past Thursday for the annual ASID Student & Emerging Professional Career Day- focusing on and titled “Learning the Business”

Do you follow trends, classics or create your own distinct style? In this, our Spring 2015 issue, the focus is on trends. Trends tell us what’s new, what’s next and what’s passé.

Myth: Interior design is a purely aesthetic talent that deals with colors, fabrics, finishes and furniture. There are no technical aspects of interior design.

I have been an interior designer in Fort Myers for 37 years and have a small firm located in the downtown Fort Myers River District.

With the rise of particular emerging market economies and shifting class demographics come unique opportunities and challenges for yacht interior designers who are responsible for meeting the specific demands and satisfying the unique consumer behaviors of these booming new wealth market segments.

In 2015, you will see many different colored woods being used together. Blonde, taupe, black and grey woods are being mixed to bring a lovely feel to the home.

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